3 Bicchieri for 3 years in a row

Ribolla di Oslavia PrimosicIt’s a great satisfaction but also the recognition of a great deal of work, begun in the Fifties, when Silvan Primosic started to research the best way to vinificate Ribolla Gialla grape. Today, the result is a wine produced with an ancient and natural technique.

Silvan Primosic remembers: “When I was a little child, the grape that I loved more was Ribolla Gialla, because it was tasty and delicious. At that time, Ribolla Gialla was considered a wine good to drink in all occasions”.

Marko Primosic, Silvan’s eldest son, continues: “I believe that Ribolla is the best symbol of our identity; it has always been here, it is an anchor that we cannot renounce, it is a thread that runs through our history and our tradition”.

The Tre Bicchieri award, received for the third year in a row by the Ribolla di Oslavia Riserva, testifies that Oslavia is the perfect cru for this native grape variety.

Primosic Ribolla di Oslavia Reserve 2013 inspires to the tradition of the School of Oslavia. The grapes are harvested when they are overripen, and they are fermented in contact with skins for 4 weeks, in open vats, without adding any yeast and without temperature control. With this traditional method, after the alcoholic fermentation, also the malolactic fermentation takes place spontaneously. After that, the Ribolla is aged for 2 years in big barrels (1700 l) of Slavonian oak, that help to soften the tannins of the wine. Eventually, the Ribolla is aged in bottle for at least 1 year.

This ancient winemaking technique, re-discovered from our own tradition, brings to great results only if we start from high quality, natural grapes, coming from vineyards with a correct sun exposure. The marl-sandstone called “ponca”, the particular terrain of Oslavia, completes the magic giving an adequate nourishment to the vineyards, and a characteristic minerality to the wine.

All these features are recognizable in the glass, with typical scents and aromas, and a special colour between orange and gold, that makes Ribolla di Oslavia an absolutely unique wine.

The Ribolla di Oslavia matches perfectly to local tasty fish dishes like anchovies rolled in breadcrumbs and fried; but it can be paired to many international dishes like the almond-crusted halibut served with green asparagus, or the Japanese salmon sushi.


3 Bicchieri for 3 years in a row

The Ribolla di Oslavia 2013 received the Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso 2018.

Enjoy Collio Time 2017

Primosic will partecipate to Enjoy Collio Time (14th-18th june) with Ribolla Gialla from Oslavia
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