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A hot, sunny summer, with few rainy intervals which have invigorated the plants, a premise to a harvest which is still in full flow in Oslavia, and which is very promising.

We have begun to harvest the first Sauvignon, which is important for the aromas, acidity, and fragrance of this variety, to then continue with the Pinot Nero, then to the Pinot Grigio in full maturity, and back to the Sauvignon. We look for the alcoholic and sweet parts of the latter, during the second harvest, in phases of advanced maturity, to be then assembled for the final product.

A special day for the Primosic family, was the day of the first harvest of Pinot Nero:  the grapes are finished in a hand press, as was the practice many years ago, to obtain the necessary volume to develop fermentation. This is a new project; of which we will know the outcome in a few months.

Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Riesling have already arrived in the cellars. These varieties have fully enjoyed the summer.

These are busy and intense days, as there is still much to do. Ribolla Gialla remains on the rows, awaiting the right moment for harvest: the “queen” of Oslavia needs more time compared to the other white grape varieties, and maybe this is one of the secrets of its uniqueness.

Then, well into Autumn, will come the Reds: Merlot, Merlot Murno, Cabernet, Refosco.

Lastly, but only if a good vintage, in November will be the turn of Primosic Picolit.

The quality of wines will be discussed after Christmas....


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3 Bicchieri for 3 years in a row

The Ribolla di Oslavia 2013 received the Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso 2018.

Enjoy Collio Time 2017

Primosic will partecipate to Enjoy Collio Time (14th-18th june) with Ribolla Gialla from Oslavia
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