The culture of the vine is in our DNA, the genetic heritage that we have passed down for many generations.
The art of wine is for us a sartorial work, made with attention and care, to produce unique wines, with a great personality.


Interpreting the territory means working to enhance the characteristics of native grape varieties, bringing out their best qualities: express their complexity, taste the minerality of the soil and the elegance of the wood, to give great emotions.


Identity, typicity, trueness to history, in Oslavia gain an authentic sense and summarize a thousand-year-old symbiosis among the vine, the land and the work of men.


We don’t like definitions; on the contrary, we act as a link between Collio and Oslavia, demonstrating that different and sometimes opposite terms, like “natural” and “conventional”, can actually coexist, and that borders exist only if we draw them.


Oslavia and Collio are linked in a harmonic and complementary way, as different expressions of the same territory. This vision is reflected in the wine range, where the Ribolla di Oslavia lives in harmony together with the Collio Bianco Klin: two different wines, but children of the same land.

Oslavia and the Collio. The Yin and Yang of this land. A similarity not only of an ontological but also in an etymological sense. In fact, in ancient Chinese tradition, Yin indicated the shadier side and Yang the sunnier side of a hill. Arcane assonance between distant worlds and cultures, which share the idea of the hill as a spiritual place, personal and soulful, and not just a simple part of the landscape. Yin and Yang do not have an autonomous and exclusive identity, they exist within a profound and inseparable interdependent relationship. They are complementary elements, united by a link of dynamic exchange, merging into constant balance. Similarly, Oslavia cannot exist except within the wider Collio area and the Collio would be incomplete if it did not include Oslavia within it. A perspective that maintains unity in difference, establishing a relationship of close symbiosis between two areas deeply linked to a single destiny.
“cit. A. Turazza”

“Oslavia’s hill has two sides, the first exposed to sun and particularly suitable to the Ribolla Gialla and amber wines, and the second exposed to East, fresher and devoted to the Collio Bianco Klin and golden wines. These two wines are brother and sister, they are connected, expression of the identity of Collio, amber and golden, there is no distinction.”

Marko Primosic