Care and respect of the environment and of the land are important values, shared by the whole family, that result in daily choices aimed at protecting the territory.

From the Vineyard to the Cellar

Our home and our winery are in the middle of the vineyards. It is our interest to protect the environment where we live, keeping the groundwater clean and preserving the biodiversity that has always characterized these places.


sqnpiFor this reason, we adopted a sustainable approach from the vineyard to the cellar, following the S.Q.N.P.I. protocol (National Quality System for Integrated Production). Integrated Production is a system aimed to reduce human intervention to the minimum, defending the health of crops. This way, it is possible to constantly improve the quality of the grapes, respecting the environment. For example, we do not use plant protection products (e.g. copper, sulphur) with a fixed schedule, but exclusively in case of a parasitic attack.


The new generation is very sensitive to this topic and know that sustainability won’t be an option for them, but a real and true necessity. We choose suppliers operating in the green chain; we use solar panels to produce electrical energy; and we invested in the purchase of low consumption machinery and energy efficient equipment.