Perfectionist, stubborn, proud, attentive to details: a family united by a common passion, Oslavia and the Ribolla Gialla.
Our family business is the result of a continuous evolution of generations and ideas.
The passion for the wine, the love for our land, and the certainty that the best wine is yet to come, are the milestones of our job.

Who We Are

Our family has ancient origins dated back to the 19th century, that are the result of the influence of German, Slavic and Latin cultures. The name of the Primosic family comes from Slovenian, the language spoken at home; however, the name Primosic for decades has been associated with the wine of Collio, the pinnacle of great Italian whites in the world. A contradiction inherent in the name, and lived in the depths by every family member. Like all the inhabitants of a border area, we do not identify ourselves in a flag, but in what we have been doing for generations, in the artisan work transmitted from father to son: cultivate the land, grow the vines, pick up the grapes and transform them in a great wine.


Today at the winery, the brothers Boris and Marko, together with their father Silvan, carry on the family tradition with unchanged passion; meanwhile, the fifth generation gets closer with curiosity and respect, in a continuous confrontation among different generations.


It is an exchange of knowledge about the winemaking techniques, that enriches everybody and puts together Silvan’s experience, Marko and Boris’ vision about the territory, and the young’s creativity and openness to the new.

We have deep roots that resist the Bora and history’s vicissitudes. They allowed the family to face hardship, starting again from the land and from the Ribolla Gialla.
Working the land with your own hands is like raising a child. If you take care of it with love and with the sweat of your brow, the land gives you back its fruits, but above all, it gives you back the satisfaction and the joy of seeing and touching the result of your work..”

Silvan Primosic